When making the move to Kingsport, you will find many resources to aid in your search for a new home.



Kingsport offers a brilliant array of apartment-living options, from scenic country spreads to downtown lofts. No matter what you choose, you can rest assured that your Saturdays can be focused on something other than pulling weeds.


Kingsport features one of the most affordable costs-of-living in the nation, allowing you more spending power for your hard-earned dollar. In Kingsport proper, for example, residents pay no income, personal property, or vehicle taxes.


The primary focus of our bright city’s financial service institutions is to provide for the unique monetary needs of individuals, families and businesses, fiscally empowering them to achieve their goals. These lenders specialize in home financing.


Allow us to help you find your way home as you begin the search for your perfect “palace” here in “The Port of Kings.”


Whether you’re headed to Kingsport from across the state or across the country (or anywhere else in the world, for that matter), these businesses pledge that you and your assets will be handled with care.


Offering local market knowledge and significant experience, Kingsport’s Real Estate professionals are just a phone call away to guide you in what is often a family’s most significant investment…


Kingsport’s Senior Citizens are an active and highly respected facet of our community, and our bright city offers a distinctive array of accommodations to cater to their dynamic tastes.


When it’s time to relocate, where will you store your most precious possessions? Whether you are moving your business or your home, or both, choose a safe, secure, climate controlled space with easy access and loading dock accessibility.


The average cost of a home in Kingsport is $135,000