Kingsport is a small city nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, where you can pursue the opportunities of a larger city while enjoying small town living…




The founder of Kingsport coined the phrase “The Kingsport Spirit,” which describes the relentless enthusiasm of its residents to make Kingsport a great place to live through its dedication to the community. This is what makes Kingsport feel like home.

Kingsport’s rich history manifests itself every day through historical landmarks such as Netherland Inn and Exchange Place, as well as the lively downtown streets filled with local art, lofts, cafés, live music, and beautiful old buildings. Heritage, tradition, and patriotism are held close to the hearts of those who call Kingsport home.


Seventy percent of the U.S. population is within driving distance of Kingsport

Zero income tax, property tax, and vehicle tax makes this one of the country’s most affordable places to live

Kingsport is among the 15 Best Commuter Cities in Tennessee